All About Tejas Movie: Is The Movie Tejas Based on a True Story

Kangana Ranaut is getting a lot of attention for her movies these days. Her new movie 'Tejas' is coming to the big screen very soon. It will be out on October 27th. In this film, Kangana plays the main character, an Air Force officer. People are sharing her movie look on social media, and it's becoming very popular.

All About Tejas Movie: Is The Movie Tejas Based on a True Story

In October, Tejas will compete with Tiger Shroff's "Ganapath" and Vijay's movie "Leo" at the movies. They initially planned to release Tejas on October 5, 2023, but they changed the date. Now, on October 27, 2023, both "Ganapath" and "Leo" will come out in theaters at the same time.

Story of Tejas Movie

In the picture, Kangana Fighter Pilot is acting as a character named 'Tejas Gill.' In the movie preview, it begins with a fighter jet, and she says, "Sometimes, talking is not enough. It's time to do something on the battlefield. Bad things have happened in my country, and now it's time to fight back. We won't abandon India."

'Tejas' is called India's first action movie in the sky. In the trailer, we can see an Indian secret agent catching a Pakistani spy. Kangana Ranaut steps up to lead a mission to save the Indian agent. But during this mission, Kangana Ranaut, or Tejas Gill, encounters a series of challenges and obstacles.

Tejas Movie Release Date

With a little sneak peek, they told us when the movie's trailer and release date will be. The actress posted a picture of the movie and said, "When people talk about our country, this movie will be awesome. You can watch the trailer on October 8th, which is also Indian Air Force Day. And you can see the whole movie in theaters on October 27th."

Tejas Movie Cast

This movie is made by Sarvesh Mehtwara and paid for by Roni Scrubwala. The main character in the movie is Kangana Ranaut. She plays the role of an Indian Air Force officer. In the movie, you will also see Anshul Chauhan, Varun Mitra, Ashish Vidyarthi, and Vishakha Nayak acting.

Is The Movie Tejas Based on a True Story

In the exciting world of Bollywood, there's a famous actress named Kangana Ranaut. She often gets a lot of attention because she speaks her mind. She's been in the news a lot for her arguments with Hrithik Roshan and for some movie controversies. Right now, people are talking about her new movie 'Emergency,' and they're also interested in her second film called 'Tejas.'

The movie "Tejas" is not a true story or not based on a true story; it's made up. It's about a lady who is a pilot in the Indian Air Force. Kangana Ranaut is the actress who plays this pilot, Tejas Gill. She's very dedicated to protecting her country. From the movie trailer, we can see that Tejas Gill is a brave and talented pilot. She's willing to give up things for her country. The movie shows how she leads other Indian Air Force pilots in defending their nation.

Tejas Movie Review

This is a story about a pilot named Tejas Gill, played by Kangana. She flies a Tejas aircraft and is sent on a mission in Pakistan to stop terrorists who want to harm India. Tejas successfully completes this mission. This story has been heard for years, and now it's a movie.

At the start, the movie looks interesting. Kangana's entry is impressive, and we learn about her past and her mission. Usually, when a big star wears a uniform in a movie, it should make the audience excited, especially when it's someone as talented as Kangana. But in this movie, you might feel disappointed. It doesn't touch your heart, and there are no scenes that amaze or entertain you. The special effects (VFX) are not good and look like a video game. While watching, you might wonder if the people who made the movie even watched it afterward. If they did, they didn't make any improvements, or maybe they didn't know how to make it better. The movie also features the Ayodhya Ram Temple, but even Lord Rama couldn't save this film. Our Air Force deserved a better movie.

Kangana is a great actress, but in this movie, a weak script and poor direction limit her. Looking good in a uniform isn't enough; it doesn't even impress on Instagram. People went to watch the movie, but they were disappointed. Anshul Chauhan, who plays a pilot, is the only one who impressed me with her acting. She did a good job. Barun Mitra and Ashish Vidhyarthi are also okay, but the movie's writing is weak, so the actors can't do much.

The direction and writing by Sarvesh Mewara are just okay. Even an actress like Kangana couldn't make the movie more engaging. There's nothing in the movie to connect with the audience. It's the same old story with bad execution.

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