12th Fail Movie Review: Is '12th Fail' worth attending for movie lover

Bidhu Binod Choudhury made a movie called 'Dwadash Byartho.' It tells the inspiring tale of an IPS officer who faced failure in the twelfth-grade exam. Despite that, he worked hard, slept only three hours each night, and successfully passed the challenging UPSC exam without giving up. The UPSC exam is tough and prestigious, not meant for just anyone. It tests not only knowledge but also determination, often causing difficulties in both areas. The film skillfully depicts the struggles of Manoj Kumar Sharma, played by Bikrant Messi.

12th Fail Movie Review: Is '12th Fail' worth attending for movie lover

The movie '12th Fail,' made by the talented Bidhu Binod Chopra in Hindi cinema, is getting a lot of love. Even though it didn't cost much to make, people really like it. Critics and regular folks both think it's great because of its inspiring story. Thanks to '12th Fail,' Bidhu Binod Chopra is doing really well at the box office and making a lot of money.

12th Fail Movie Director

In this picture, the director did a great job making sure the audience stays interested, not just because of Bidhu Binod Chopra's acting. The director showed how actors should use the stage, and the whole movie was made with a lot of care. At first, it seems like the movie is all about love, but the director explains why that's important in the second part. This movie is one of Bidhu Binod Chopra's best and definitely stands out.

12th Fail Movie Story

This is a story about a guy named Monoj. He's the main character. Monoj meets a person named Bikrant Mesik. Monoj comes from a very poor family. His dad loses his job because he sticks to his principles. Monoj faces a lot of difficulties growing up.

Monoj tries hard to get an education even though his family is poor. But when he takes a big test in school, he fails. In his school, lots of students cheat during tests, and Monoj used to be really good at it. The teachers know about it, but they ignore it because they want the school to do well.

But one year, when Monoj decides to take the test seriously, a honest police officer catches the cheating. Now, cheating is not allowed, and Monoj fails the test. This is a big moment in his life. He wants to be like that police officer.

The police officer tells Monoj that if he wants to be like him, he has to stop cheating. The movie is based on a true story. It's about a poor boy from Chambal who becomes an IAS officer.

Manoj comes from a village where copying in exams is considered the right way to pass. One day, during his twelfth-grade exam, a government officer collapses. This event changes Manoj's life, and he decides he wants to become an officer like him.

To find out why this boy from Chambal is pursuing a career in IPS and to be inspired by Manoj Kumar's journey until IPS, you should watch the movie that shows his struggle, especially his failure in the twelfth grade. The term 'twelfth failure' sends a powerful message that nothing is impossible. If Manoj Kumar can overcome challenges, so can we. Whenever we feel we've failed, it's important to start over and not give up.

12th Fail Movie Review

Bidhu Binod Chopra is a really good filmmaker, and he's shown it again with this movie. Each part of the movie is like its own story. The main character, Manoj, has a tough life with lots of ups and downs. When he's in the final interview, you can feel the stress in your own mind. The movie flows smoothly and is easy to understand.

If you look up to people like APJ Abdul Kalam and B R Ambedkar, this movie is a good reminder to get educated, speak up, and organize. It also shows why some dishonest politicians want to make young people look foolish so they can control them.

Bikrant Massey, who plays the main character, does a great job. He shows his character's emotions really well, like anger and feeling helpless. Priyanshu Chatterjee, who plays DCP, also stands out in his short role. He brings bravery and honesty to the character. Gita Agarwal Sharma and Harish Khanna, who play Manoj's parents, also leave a strong impression in their small roles.

Is '12th Fail' worth attending for movie lover

This amazing movie by Bidhu Binod Choudhury is something everyone should see, especially kids. Nowadays, social media is becoming less important, with likes and shares going down. When a baby is born, they almost instantly get a social media account. This film talks about why education is so important in today's world.

Let's look at this picture and think about our childhood. When kids start going to school, many of them dream of becoming IAS or IPS officers. Some work hard in school thinking about this dream, but not everyone achieves it. This picture shows the stories of those dreams. It tells us that the journey to reach these goals can make you feel both sad and inspired at the same time. 

The story of Manoj's life in the picture is really nice. At first, when his love interest comes into the story, you might think it's not important. But as the story goes on, you might see those things you thought were not needed becoming interesting. Even though this picture doesn't have big sets or catchy songs, there's something special about it that grabs your heart.

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