Aspirants Season 2 Review: Is Aspirants Web Series Worth Watching!

The new season of the web series called "Aspirants" is here. It talks about the stories of Abhilash, SK, Guri, and Sandeep. In the first season, we saw their battles. Now, in the second season, we see how each of them tries to get a job as a UPSI candidate. These four friends from Rajendra Nagar in Delhi are going down separate paths. But their paths are filled with problems and fights, and it's affecting their friendship. Before you watch the five episodes of the show, check out our review.

Aspirants Season 2 Review: Is Aspirants Web Series Worth Watching!

In 2021, lots of folks watched the first season of Aspirants on Amazon Prime Video. Now, almost two years later, there's exciting news for fans of the show. The second season is coming soon! For those who like to enjoy the series during the festive season of Durga Pujo, it's really great news. You can start watching Season Two of Aspirants on Amazon Prime from October 25th.

Aspirants Season 2 Cast

The 'Aspirants 2' story is about Abhilash, played by Navin Kasturia. Abhilash works as a DM in Rampur. In the same place, there's Sandeep Bhaiya, played by Sunny Hinduja. He used to be an officer during the UPSI era and helps Abhilash a lot. But now, they're both in Rampur and are in a conflict about labor politics. They have officially stood against each other. At the same time, the story of SK and Guri is also happening.

Aspirants Season 2 Story

In the second season story, there are four main characters: Abhilash Sharma, Gurprit Singh Gauri, Swetketu Jha (also called S.K.), and Sandeep Singh Ohlan (known as Sandeep bhaiya). The story shows what happens next in their lives. Abhilash is now the District Magistrate in Rampur. Gurprit is facing money troubles, and with his supportive wife, he's trying to get a government contract. Sandeep brother is now a PCS officer. The story explores Abhilash's successes and failures as he tries to understand things better.

Aspirants Season 2 Acting

The second season has five episodes: Self Study, Strategy, Murphy's Law, Mock Interview, and Final Interview. What makes this TV series special is how it feels natural and unplanned. The story and characters are well-explained, so it's easy for viewers to understand. The show follows kids from a regular family, letting the audience feel the excitement and dreams of growing up with them.

Aspirants Season 2 Director

The 'Aspirants 2,' a web series directed by Apurva Singh Karki. This year, a great movie called 'Shirf Ek Banda Kafi Hai' was made by Apurva Singh Karki. People watched the last season because of Arunabh Kumar's name. This time, they named the season after him. The series has become more important than others between the two seasons. But, as the director, he is facing challenges. He still likes taking good shots. The lighting in the library scene with Sunny Bhaiya and SK is amazing. There's another scene where they show the President of India's recommendation in a coaching class. The actors and writers make it come to life, and this scene makes the direction really good. Apurva also directed the first season of this web series, and now in the second season. Hopefully, even after 'Brother' is released, the third season will be excellent too.

Aspirants Season 2 Review

The exciting Season 2 is here, and it shows Abhilash, SK, and Guri moving forward in their lives. They each have their own struggles at work, but they stick together as friends. They face problems and overcome challenges by supporting each other.

The main idea of 'Aspirants Season 2' is about having two different sides or parts. The story happens in two time periods. In the past, the main character works really hard for his last attempt at something important. He leaves his old friends and lives in Rajendra Nagar. In the new story, he is the district magistrate of Rampur. Even though he made big sacrifices for his personal and educational goals before, now his efforts are paying off.

By the law, Ash should be in a good position now. But real life is not the same. The real challenge starts when he becomes successful. Before, the struggle was with the outside world—friends, enemies, and even loved ones. But now, the fight is inside him. It's against a strong belief he has, and he is unsure about challenging it. 

The web series 'Aspirants Season 2' brings up a similar challenge about desire. Will he keep fighting or take a step back? This decision and what happens because of it will be shown in the five episodes, telling the detailed story of the series.

Is Aspirants Worth Watching!

Many folks liked the Aspirants Season 1 a lot. They got into the exciting stories, so don't expect the same for season 2. People thought everything would be okay in season 2, but things actually get worse. The series gives a hint about the next season's interesting plot. If you enjoyed the first season, care about the characters, and want to know more about the story, go ahead and watch Season 2.

The TV show or web series 'Aspirants Season 2' tells a story about friendship in a new way. It's about four strong friends who, as they get older, realize the true value of each other. If you've ever felt like your friends have changed after college and don't have time for you, this show is relatable. And if you're in college and have promised to stick together forever, you'll find this series interesting too.

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