Is Marathi Movie Ved a Remake of Telugu Movie Called Majili

At the end of last year, the Marathi movie "Ved" did really well in cinemas. Even now, after fifteen months, many people still want to watch it. It made more than 60 crore rupees. The actor Riteish Deshmukh directed and acted in this film.

Is Marathi Ved Movie a Remake of Telugu Movie Called Majili

Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia D'Souza did something exciting at the first showing of their Marathi movie 'Ved.' People clapped a lot for them. The movie came out on December 30th last year and made 75 crore rupees at the box office. That's a lot more than the 15 crore rupees it cost to make. Salman Khan, a big star, also showed up in the movie for a short time. Ritesh and Genelia, who are a famous couple in the movie world, hadn't been in a movie together for ten years since 'Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya' in 2012. The good news for fans is that 'Ved' is not just in Marathi but also in Hindi.

Ved Movie Director

Famous actor Riteish Deshmukh, who is also trying his hand at directing, shared a sneak peek of his new movie 'Ved' on social media. He talked about the film during Diwali. In this movie, Riteish will be acting and directing for the first time, and his wife Genelia D'Souza will play the main role alongside him.

  • Director: Ritesh Bilasrao Deshmukh
  • Producer: Genelia Deshmukh
  • Lyricists: Guru Thakur, Ajay Atul
  • Cinematography: Rishikesh Turai, Sandeep Patil, Ritesh Deshmukh
  • Dialogues: Prajakta Deshmukh
  • Photography: Bhushan Kumar Jain

Ved Movie Story

The main part of the 'Wad' story is about a guy named Satya Yadav. He gets chosen to play cricket for the local railway team and dreams of playing for the Indian team. While chasing his dreams, a girl named Nisha comes into his life, and they fall in love. Things start to change for Satya in both cricket and his personal life. New dreams are growing, but then politics messes things up. Satya and Nisha go in different directions, and everything falls apart suddenly. To know what happens next, you need to watch the movie.

When Ved Movie Release on OTT

The actors Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D'Souza are doing really well with their movie 'Ved.' The film is making a lot of money, even more than when it first came out. "Ved" is a Marathi movie, and people really like how Riteish and Genelia are acting in it. Riteish's acting is strong, and the audience also loves Genelia's performance. Disney Plus Hotstar shared on Twitter that the movie will come out on their platform on April 28th.

How I Can Watch Ved Movie in Hindi

To see the movie 'Ved' in Hindi, you have to subscribe to 'Disney+ Hotstar.' If you want to watch it on your phone, you need to pay 499 rupees for a year. But if you plan to watch it on a smart TV, the subscription is at least 899 rupees per year. Once you subscribe, starting in April, you and your family can enjoy the movie.

Is Ved Movie a Remake of Majili  Movie 

Yes, this story or film is adapted from the Telugu movie, Majili of Nag Chaitanya and Samantha starrer. This movieis based on the South Indian movie 'Majili.' This time, Ritesh is trying his hand at directing for the first time. Because of this, there are some mistakes in the movie, but he also acts in it and does well. The film talks about issues like cricket match-fixing and the absence of local political leaders. In the story, instead of paying attention to his wife, the main character gets involved in cheating with a gangster. 

The bracelets in the story represent the idea of truth. Jia Shankar, who plays Nisha, looks very beautiful. Shravani Jeneelia, who stars opposite Khambeera, is also fun in her first Marathi film. She does justice to her role. Ashok Mama acts as the father of the main character. The acting of the other actors is also good. The best parts of the movie are the camera work and the music. Ajay Atul did a great job with the cinematography. Lastly, Salman Bhai makes an appearance in the song 'Muje Crazy Lagalaya.'

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